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Book now part of Canada Archives and Library. Part of our heritage.

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Street Art has always been at home in Toronto. It is part of the city's heartbeat. It makes Toronto unique. It gives its multiculturalism an unforgettable rhythm. Not only does it beautify the city; it also stands for the city's love of liberty, community and diversity.

The book provides you with an initial visual experience of street art's permanently changing landscape in Toronto. No words, just images. A visual pleasure carefully put together. Many of these beautiful graffitis exist now only in the images themselves as they have been painted over or erased. Many are gone. I wish to share the permanent excitement of encountering them in the most hidden corners of our streets, back alleys and laneways.

This book and others to come, retain their spirit and the spirit of the many generous artists that produce them for all of us to see.

The book has been accepted as part of Canada Archives and Library. Toronto Street Art is part of OUR heritage.

With your purchase, you will allow me to continue developing this project for a better future together.

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